What My Bag Kitty Is About?

Types of Luggage

Buying Luggage or Backpack

  • How to Choose Luggage for Travel? What type of bag to choose for your upcoming trip? What’s the best luggage to buy based on your travel preferences and requirements? Learn more about various bag types (suitcase, backpack, wheeled backpack, travel duffel bag, etc.)
  • Choosing the Best Luggage Material. What type of suitcase to choose? What is the best type of suitcase? Hardshell, softshell or hybrid luggage? Luggage wheels types to consider?
  • Where to Buy Luggage: A Comprehensive Guide. Find out where to buy luggage. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying luggage from physical stores versus online retailers.
  • The Best Luggage Brands. Explore well-known luggage brands, their unique selling points, popular products, and target audiences.

Travel Organizers

Travel Packing and Organization

Luggage Maintenance and Care

  • Caring for Your Luggage or Backpack. See our tips on how to clean, store, and maintain your luggage to extend its lifespan and keep it looking new.
  • Repairing Common Luggage Issues. See DIY solutions for common luggage problems, such as broken zippers, loose wheels, and fabric tears.

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