Una - profile

Hi there!

My name is Una. I am the owner of My Bag Kitty.

Besides working in marketing (which I absolutely love!), I really enjoy traveling and reading.

I have been traveling extensively since 2012, and it has helped me improve my packing as well as travel planning skills. So, now, unlike some of my friends I love planning my trips and packing. It isn’t a very big deal for me. And I want you to feel the same.

So, that’s why I have created this blog. Here I will share with you my knowledge about luggage, bags and other travel accessories. Here you’ll also find my best travel tips.

If you have any questions about “My Bag Kitty” or luggage, do not hesitate to contact me!

Why “My Bag Kitty”?

I adore cats. And I love packing. Well, you got the idea. ?