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Which one is the best anti theft backpack now in 2019? To help you find the best anti theft travel backpack for your needs in this article I compare 8 of the best anti theft bags. Because theft does happen. And I hear more and more about cases of pickpocketing and theft, also among my friends. Someone’s bag was snatched, someone’s bag was slashed and his documents and cash were stolen. The list goes on.

If it’s just a passport, wallet and phone, then you can keep them safe simply by keeping them close, for instance in a dedicated money belt or concealed neck wallet.

But what if that’s more than that? How to keep electronics safe when traveling? Or on a daily commute? In this case your best bet would be a special backpack with anti theft technologies that will keep your belongings safe wherever you’ll be going to. Are you interested to get one for yourself? Then continue reading to learn more about what’s available on the market and what are the main differences between the best ones!

Best Anti Theft Backpack 2019

Now let’s take a look at the list of the best anti theft backpacks!

To read more about every one of them scroll down! For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the anti theft backpack!

Travelon Anti Theft Classic1. Slash-resistant panels;
2. Slash resistant straps;
3. RFID blocking passport and credit cards slots;
4. Locking zippers.
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Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim ***1. Slash-resistant construction;
2. Slash-resistant straps;
3. RFID blocking passport and credit cards slots;
4. Locking zippers;
5. Locking hardware.
Check the price!
Pacsafe Metrosafe LS3501. Slash-resistant construction;
2. Slash-resistant straps;
3. RFID blocking pocket;
4. Locking zippers;
5. Locking hardware.
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Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII ***1. Slash-resistant construction;
2. Slash-resistant straps;
3. RFID blocking pocket;
4. Locking zippers;
5. Locking hardware.
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XDDesign Bobby Compact1. Cut-proof front and the sides;
2. Concealed pockets and main compartment.
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Korin Design ClickPack Pro1. Slash resistant fabric;
2. RFID pouch;
3. TSA lock;
4. Retractable metal wire lock.
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Kensington SecureTrek 17"1. Anti puncture zipper;
2. Lockable zippers;
3. Kensington Portable Laptop Lock (sold separately).
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LOCTOTE Flak Sack1. Slash resistant fabric;
2. RFID blocking interior pocket;
3. Heavy duty lock;
4. Reinforced locking strap.
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*** - our favorites

Best Anti Theft Travel Backpack: Basics

An anti theft backpack is a regular looking backpack with a few anti theft features and devices that will keep your belongings safe during a trip or your daily commute. This kind of backpack is especially useful in crowded places such as busses, trains, shopping malls, public transportation stops, markets, festivals, museums and so on where the risk of being pickpocketed is higher.

Also slash and run thefts are a big problem especially in big cities. A good anti theft bag with slash proof body and shoulder straps will come in handy in high risk areas.

Most of the best anti theft backpacks have RFID blocking pockets that will protect your passport and cards from unwanted scanning and possible identity theft.

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1. Anti Theft Features and Security

All of the best anti theft backpack will have some of the features mentioned below.

a) Slash-Proof Construction and Slash-Proof Shoulder Straps

Steel cable that runs all the way down the seams of the shoulder straps and stainless steel wire mesh embedded into backpack’s panels help protect against slash-and-run theft.

b) Hidden Pockets and Concealed Zippers

Some manufacturers take security very seriously and make all the pockets and compartments invisible to others but you.

c) Durable Anti-Puncture Zipper

This kind of zipper will resist penetration by a sharp object.

d) RFID Pocket and Card and Passport Slots

Majority of the best anti theft bags have an RFID blocking pocket. It may be a single pocket that can hold your passport and cards, or it can have separate RFID blocking card and passport slots.

e) Locking Zippers

The best anti theft travel bags will have one or two locking compartments. This means that you can click in zipper pulls in a special secure lock. Or there is a D ring to which zipper pulls can be locked to.

f) Locking Hardware

Some of the best anti theft bags have this useful feature. Usually it means that one of the shoulder strap can be locked to some fixed object to protect the bag from snatch-and-run sort of theft.

g) Durable Locks

These can be either heavy duty TSA locks or retractable metal wire locks. They can be used to lock the bag to a fixed object, or to lock the zippers.

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2. Anti Theft Backpack Material

Usually the anti theft backpacks are made of durable nylon. Some of the best anti theft backpacks have stainless steel wire mesh embedded into backpack’s fabric, and steel cable is embedded also into the shoulder straps.

Most anti theft bags are water resistant but they aren’t waterproof. So, you shouldn’t go on a kayaking trip with such a bag unless it is hidden in a waterproof sack or a dry bag.

However, a water resistant backpack will keep your gear safe during the rain (unless it’s heavy).

Some of the anti theft bags come with a rain cover which certainly is an added bonus.

3. Pockets and Compartments

As you might have understood already, many anti theft backpacks feature computer and tablet sleeves.

Manufacturers also add organizational panels and pockets to their backpacks. These pockets will help you to keep your gear organized.

Some of the best anti theft travel packs have an integrated USB charging port. This feature allows you to charge your phone on the go! Just connect your power bank from the inside, and now you can charge your mobile device!

4. Size of the Backpack

Anti theft backpacks aren’t large.

Majority of them are usually big enough to fit in a laptop, a change of clothes, a tablet, and other travel essentials. They are the size of a regular daypack and are carry on friendly.

If you have a large laptop (15 – 17”) pay attention to the size of the laptop sleeve (or the bag itself if it doesn’t have a laptop sleeve). Not all of them can accommodate a laptop of such a size. A lot of anti theft backpacks can only accommodate small laptops, like, 13”.

5. Price

The best anti theft bags aren’t cheap. But mostly they aren’t too expensive either.

This is because of the costly materials and manufacturing process. Also manufacturer has to think about theft proof features that will keep your valuables and gear safe. Good quality materials, steel construction, quality, durable locking zippers, special heavy duty locks aren’t cheap!

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Best Anti Theft Backpack Reviews

1. Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack Review

Looking for the best anti theft backpack for women? The Travelon Anti Theft Classic backpack clearly is one of the best on the market!

The Travelon Anti Theft Classic backpack is made of water resistant and durable 900 D polyester, with a good quality polyester lining. The bag features slash-resistant body panels, slash-resistant side panels and slash-resistant bottom panel. It has also slash-resistant shoulder straps.

What makes this bag slash-proof? Steel cable runs all the way down the seams of the shoulder straps, and a steel mesh construction is sewn in the backpack’s panels. With this slash-proof backpack your belongings will be safe from thieves and pickpockets!

Let’s look inside the Travelon backpack!

The bag has several compartments and pockets. Its main compartment has a tablet sleeve, small pocket for cables or other small items, and a zippered pocket. There’s another zippered pocket on the inside of the lid.

Zippered front organizer compartment features RFID blocking card and passport slots. As well as a phone pocket, pen holder and a key clip.

There are 2 easy access side pockets. One of them is zippered.

Main and organizer (front) compartments have locking zippers.

What I love the most about this bag is that it looks classy yet it’s very functional and cut-proof. With this backpack your belongings will be safe both from pickpockets and digital thieves!

Available in several colors.

Dimensions: 16” x 12” x 6” (41 x 31 x 15 cm).

2. Travelon Anti Theft Signature Slim Backpack Review

A cute compact backpack for women that won’t be easily snatched or pick pocketed.

Travelon Signature Slim backpack is an anti theft backpack with a few useful features. Such as: slash-resistant body panels and shoulder straps, locking compartments and a lockdown strap. As well as RFID blocking card and passport slots.

The backpack is made of water resistant nylon, with quality polyester lining.

Let’s look inside this Travelon backpack!

It has plenty of compartments and pockets. There’s a flap covering the main compartment and a spacious open pocket.

The main compartment has 2 zippered pockets, RFID blocking card and passport slots, and a pocket for a smartphone. There’s also a key clip with an LED light.

The bag also has a front zippered slash pocket that can hold sunglasses or smartphone.

Both zippered front pocket and main compartment have locking zippers for added security.

One of the shoulder straps can be locked to some fixed object to protect the bag from snatch-and-run sort of theft.

Dimensions: 13” x 11” x 2” (33 x 28 x 5 cm).

3. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 15L Anti-Theft Backpack Review

Looking for the best anti theft travel backpack for travel and daily commute?

The Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 is among the best anti theft bags on the market! It’s a great choice for those who travel with a laptop and other electronics. It’s slim yet roomy enough to accommodate a 13” MacBook, an iPad mini, change of clothes and your other essentials. It is packed with secure anti-theft technologies, and is capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear.

This bag is made of durable water resistant 210D nylon. Lightweight, hidden eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into fabric helps protect against slash-and-run theft. The Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 also features padded wire reinforced shoulder straps.

This backpack has several compartments and internal pockets to keep your gear organized.

The main compartment features padded 13” MacBook compatible sleeve and zippered RFID blocking pocket with a wallet clip. RFID-safe blocking material helps protect IDs, passport and credit cards from unwanted scanning.

There are several pockets in the front zippered compartment, as well. There’s a pocket for a smartphone, small open slip pocket, padded iPad mini compatible sleeve, zippered mesh pocket, and a pen holder. There’s also a key clip.

The zippers of the main and front compartments can be locked for added security. There are two mesh pockets on each side of the backpack.

What I like about this backpack is that one of the shoulder straps can be locked to a table leg (or other fixed object) via a turn & lock security hook. This feature will help to protect the bag from snatch-and-run sort of theft.

Dimensions: 16.5” x 11.6” x 5.1” (42 x 29.5 x 13 cm).

4. Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII Anti-Theft Backpack Review

Lightweight, durable daypack with anti-theft technologies ideal for day trips and your daily commute.

The Pacsafe Venturesafe is larger than the Metrosafe anti theft backpack. Besides a change of clothes, a wallet, phone, a tablet computer and other travel essentials, this backpack can accommodate a 15” laptop or a 3 liter hydration pack.

The Pacsafe Venturesafe is made of N210D 3 line ripstop nylon. Lightweight, hidden eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into bag’s fabric helps protect against slash and run theft. Padded, wire-reinforced Carrysafe Slashguard shoulder straps help prevent cut and run theft.

Unlike the Metrosafe, the Venturesafe backpack has an adjustable sternum and waist straps, side compression straps, and molded foam back support.

The backpack has several pockets and compartments. Front zippered pocket features key / wallet clip, pen loop, smartphone pocket, zippered mesh pocket, and RFID blocking pocket for passport, IDs and credit cards. The main compartment has a padded sleeve for a 15” laptop (or 3 liter hydration pack).

There are also 2 side pockets for bottle and umbrella.

Both front and main compartment have durable locking zippers.

Just like the Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350, the Venturesafe can be locked to a table leg (or other fixed object) via a turn & lock security hook.

What I love about this bag the most is that it’s extremely durable and slash proof. It has also sternum and waist straps, and foam back support that will help you stay comfortable during your commute or trip.

The bag can also it can be used as a handy carry-on. It’s not too big, nor too small. As I mentioned before, It’s roomy enough to accommodate your laptop, a change of clothes, smartphone, wallet, some cables and other travel essentials.

Dimensions: 19.7” x 13” x 12.6” (50 x 33 x 32 cm).

5. XDDesign Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Backpack Review

Have you ever heard of the Bobby anti theft backpack? It’s one of the most popular anti theft bags on the market right now! The manufacturer has also released a smaller version of this bag!

This compact backpack will be perfect for your daily commute and day trips. Also it can be used as a handy carry-on.

The front and the sides of the Bobby Compact are made of 300D/600D nylon, with 6 mm anti-shock foam, thus making the front and the sides cut-proof.

The front and the bottom of the bag are covered with reused PU material which is water resistant and easy to clean. Besides, the backpack comes with a rain cover which will protect your belonging in extreme weather conditions.

The padded back is a combination of multilayer materials which are soft and breathable.

For your personal safety during the night, the backpack manufacturer has reflective elements sewn to the front and the sides of the bag. These elements can be seen within 100 meters.

Now let’s look at the bag’s compartments!

The concealed zipper of the main compartment is fully hidden at the back of the bag thus making it invisible to others.

Main compartment features several pockets: a 14” laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, holders for water bottle and camera / wallet, pen holders, an open slip pocket and a zippered pocket.

The main compartment is easy to access no matter what – either while holding the bag in an upright position or while laying the bag flat on the table. The hidden zipper opens all the way down, similar to one of a suitcase.

The Bobby Compact backpack also has several other hidden pockets. The public transportation card pocket is on one of the shoulder straps. There are also hidden pockets on the sides, and a pocket built in the back panel of the backpack.

The Bobby Compact backpack includes an integrated USB charging port. Connect the power bank (not included) from the inside and charge your mobile device!

What I like the most about this backpack is how the weight is distributed. The bag leans firmly against your back, so it decreases the weight on the shoulders.

Also unlike the other bags I’ve reviewed before this one has an elastic strap at the back. It can be used to attach the backpack to your suitcase.

The Bobby Compact anti theft backpack comes with a raincover and a shopping tote which is hidden in a cute pouch.

Dimensions: 16.5” x 10.4” x 6.3” (42 x 26.5 x 16 cm).

Bobby Original available here: Bobby, the original anti-theft backpack, by XD Design.

6. Korin Design ClickPack Pro Anti Theft Backpack Review

Korin Design ClickPack Pro is a durable, unique-looking anti theft backpack perfect for business travel and your daily commute.

It has a box-type profile, and is made of slash resistant, spliced high-density polyester fiber.

The zipper of the main compartment zips all the way down which makes it easier to pack, view and access things.

The roomy main compartment of the Korin ClickPack Pro backpack has a computer sleeve (up to 15”) and a tablet sleeve (up to10”). There is also a pocket for powerbank (not included) which has a USB connection. The USB is wired to the bottom of the shoulder strap where the USB socket is located. Plug your phone and charge it on the go!

There are multiple organizational pockets in the main compartment: pen holders and pockets for small items, such as cables, keys, etc.

Also there are 2 zippered detachable packing cubes for electronics and toiletries, and a RFID blocking pouch.

There’s one hidden pocket built in the back panel of the bag. And there are two small pockets on the shoulder straps that can be used to store cables or transport cards. Only one of these pockets is zippered, though. There’s also a foldable outer pocket for an umbrella on the outside of the backpack.

Other features include: TSA lock and retractable metal wire lock.

The ClickPack Pro is water resistant, but a rain cover is also included.

Dimensions: 17.7” x 11.8” x 6.3” (45 x 30 x 16 cm).

7. Kensington SecureTrek 17″ Lockable Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Review

A quality backpack made with business travelers in mind.

It is roomy enough to hold a change of clothes and a laptop with a room to spare for other electronics, cables and your other travel essentials.

The Kensington SecureTrek has a classy design and features a few secure anti-theft technologies that will help your belongings stay safe during your trip.

The bag is made of durable 840D Poly Twill outer material, and its padded back provides a more comfortable carry, especially when the backpack is full.

The zippers of the 2 largest compartments can be locked via Secure Trek Lock Base. This feature will help prevent unauthorized access into your backpack. And the Kensington Portable Laptop Lock (sold separately) will secure the bag to a fixed object such as table leg or a tree.

The Kensington SecureTrek anti theft backpack has several compartments that will keep your gear and clothes organized.

Covered by a flap, organizational pocket will hold all your travel essentials such as pens, IDs, passport, phone, phone charger, earphones, keys, etc.

Bag’s device compartment has padded laptop and tablet sleeves, and can hold up to 17” laptop and 10” tablet. There’s also a zippered section for your clothes.

The device compartment features an anti-puncture zipper that will resist intrusion by a sharp object. The zipper zips all the way down, so this compartment can be opened just like the main compartment of a suitcase.

There’s one more large zippered compartment that can hold, for example, magazines, documents, laptop charger, books. This compartment is gusseted, so it can be accessed while the bag is in upright position.

The Kensington SecureTrek backpack has a wheeled luggage pass-thru that will conveniently strap the backpack to an extended handle of your luggage.

Dimensions: 19” x 12.5” x 6.5” (48 x 32 x 17 cm).

8. LOCTOTE Flak Sack Theft Resistant Drawstring Backpack Review

This one looks completely different from the ones I’ve reviewed before, right?

Yes, it is different. And it might even look like a simple drawstring backpack but actually it’s more than that!

The LOCTOTE Flak Sack is actually an anti theft drawstring backpack! Yes, turns out that such a thing exists!

It won’t be the perfect option if you are looking for an anti theft backpack for your daily commute or business travel. However, it’s perfect for day trips, and also can be used as a day pack during your travels.

LOCTOTE Flak Sack is the toughest drawstring backpack on the market. It is crafted from a double layer of a proprietary blend of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). This bag is slash, abrasion and tear resistant.

The fabric of the backpack also is pre-treated with industrial grade water repellant, making the backpack water resistant. It will keep your belongings dry during the rain (not during downpour though).

The Flack Sack features a durable locking strap which is reinforced with 49 strands of stainless steel. Use it to lock the bag shut or to lock the bag to a table leg, tree, or other fixed object. The backpack comes with a heavy duty brass lock that can be used for this purpose.

Also the Flak Sack has an internal pocket which is made of certified RFID blocking material. It will effectively shield unauthorised scanning and prevent identity theft.

The backpack has a leather sternum strap that will keep the bag secured tightly on your body.

Dimensions: 18” x 14” (46 x 36 cm).

Do you have an anti theft backpack? What’s the best anti theft backpack for your needs?

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