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What is the best Osprey backpack for travel?

What is the best Osprey backpack for hiking and backpacking?

How to choose the right Osprey backpack for your needs? It can be a daunting task, I know. Because the choice is pretty wide, and many of the backpacks look so, so similar at first. To help you with this important task we have made this comparison of the best Osprey backpacks, sorted in categories.

Read on and you’ll find out what is the best Osprey backpack for backpacking, daily commute and hiking.

What is the best Osprey carry on backpack?

Answers to all these questions you’ll find in this article.

Best Osprey Backpack: Comparison

Here they are – some of the best Osprey backpacks available right now.

Scroll down to read more about each one of them.

Many of these backpacks are available in different sizes and colors. For all the options, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the image of the backpack!

Fairview 4040 L.

Also available in: 55 and 70 L.
Best travel backpack, best carry on, best for womenCheck the price!
Farpoint 4040 L.

Also available in: 55, 70 and 80 L.
Best travel backpack, best carry onCheck the price!
Porter 3030 L.

Also available in: 46 and 65 L.
Best overall - runner-upCheck the price!
Aura 6565 L.

Also available in: 50 L.
Best for hiking and backpackingCheck the price!
Atmos 6565 L.

Also available in: 50 L.
Best for hiking and backpackingCheck the price!
Osprey Daylite13 L.

Also available in: 20 L.
Best ultralightCheck the price!
Osprey Arcane Large20 L.

Also available in: 10 L.
Best for laptopsCheck the price!
Osprey Poco Plus-Best for a babyCheck the price!
Osprey Jet 1818 L.

Also available in: 12 L.
Best for kidsCheck the price!
Osprey Sojourn45 L.

Also available in: 60 and 80 L.
Best wheeledCheck the price!

Green Osprey backpack

Why Osprey?

1. The Quality of Osprey Backpacks

I have always been recommending my readers to invest in a quality travel gear, especially if they are frequent travelers.

The more you travel, the more important is the quality of your travel gear.

And also if you’re traveling light. Then as well the quality of your gear matters greatly.

Osprey offers such quality.

Their backpacks are built to last.

2. The Experience in Backpack Making

Osprey is a very popular outdoor company.

The company has been around since 1974, and has a long and successful history in backpack and accessory design. Thanks to the quality, ease of use and competitive price performance ratio, Osprey products are really sought after and extremely appreciated and loved in the outdoor community.

Currently Osprey offers a wide range of different backpacks.

3. The Price and Performance Ratio

Osprey makes its backpacks with travelers in mind.

And when you travel the quality of your gear is your priority.

Osprey knows that, and puts a lot of effort in making their products stand out. First of all, quality-wise. So, not only you would have a nice looking backpack, but you would also be happy wearing it day in and day out.

4. Sustainability

That’s another reason to choose Osprey.

Their attitude towards the production process.

The company aims to be the most progressive and sustainable hardgoods brand worldwide.

A man with a red Osprey hiking backpack

Best Osprey Backpack: Reviews

Let me help you to choose the right Osprey backpack for your needs.

Decide what are you going to use it for, and buy accordingly.

If you are looking for a new backpack mainly for hiking, choose an Osprey hiking backpack. If you need a cabin bag, check out the carry on friendly backpacks.

If it’s mainly for commute, check out Osprey laptop backpack and daypacks.

Best Osprey Backpack for Travel & Best Osprey Carry On Backpack

1. Osprey Fairview 40 / Farpoint 40 Review

Osprey Fairview 40 – women’s specific travel backpack

Osprey Farpoint 40 – Men’s travel backpack

These two are the best sellers in Osprey.

The Osprey Farpoint and the women’s specific Osprey Fairview.

All in all both backpacks are almost identical, and they look identical. So, when I say, that the backpack has a pocket or compartment, I mean both of these backpacks.

It is overall the best Osprey travel backpack. It comes in several sizes and colors, the smallest one (40 litre) being a carry on friendly backpack.

The Osprey Fairview 40 is my carry on backpack of choice.

It’s the perfectly sized carry on, approved by many airlines globally. My partner has the men’s version — Osprey Farpoint 40. It’s almost identical to my Fairview, apart from the fact that it’s specifically designed for male body size and shape.

What I love the most about this backpack is its sturdy back panel and stowaway harness. Also, the handles are super sturdy. The backpack is made with travelers in mind, and, for me, the Osprey Fairview definitely is the best Osprey backpack for women. My partner loves his Farpoint backpack.

The backpack has two large compartments. The main compartment is spacious, and opens up like the one of a suitcase (it’s called a “front loader”). Just like a suitcase, it also features two compression straps and a mesh pocket on the lid. The smallest of compartments has a padded laptop sleeve and a padded tablet sleeve.

There is a zippered pocket and two mesh pockets at the front.

As there are no pockets or dividers in the main compartment, I recommend you to use packing cubes to keep your clothes organized. Use other travel organizers for toiletries, makeup and electronics.

What about other features?

The backpack features two outer compression straps and lockable zippers.

And there is a quality, stowaway harness. It is a really cool feature, when checking in the bag. Or when putting it in a luggage compartment of a bus or a train. It makes things easier and safer. Just unfold the special flap, cover the harness, and zip it up. It will protect bag’s straps and hip belt.

Thanks to the same feature you can use this backpack as a duffel bag.

Just hide the harness and attach the shoulder strap (included) to special D-rings at the side of the backpack.

The backpack is made of 210D Mini Hex Diamond Ripstop Nylon.

Farpoint / Fairview 55 and 70 comes with a zip-off daypack.

You can use the pieces together or separately.

Dimensions: 21” x 14” x 8.3” (54 x 35 x 21 cm).

Weight: 3 lbs (1.44 kg).

Also available in: 55 and 70 liter size. Farpoint – also in 80 liter size.


2. Osprey Porter 30 Review

What’s the second best Osprey carry on backpack 2020?

The Osprey Porter 30.

It’s slightly smaller and a tad bit lighter.

The Porter backpack is a great choice for minimalist travelers. It’s compact size, organizational features and the fact that is an easy-to-use backpack are the main reasons why minimalist travelers will love this backpack.

The shape of this backpack is very similar to the one of the Osprey Fairview / Farpoint. Except, the Porter’s front panel is different. Instead of one zippered pocket and two mesh pockets, there’s one vertical zippered pocket and a spacious zippered compartment with various internal pockets. Just like with the Farpoint / Fairview, the Porter backpack also has two adjustable compression straps at the front. In addition to the compression straps, Porter has StraightJacket compression foam sidewalls.

These sidewalls are padded but not heavily framed.

Because of its walls the backpack can be tightened down when it is not full.

Just like the both above mentioned backpacks, the Porter also has a stow-away shoulder straps and hip belt. This feature is really useful when you’re checking it in on the flight or tossing it into the overhead compartment.

The backpack has plenty of pockets:

  • Front compartment with inner pockets for organization;
  • Front zippered pocket;
  • Top zippered pocket for toiletries;
  • Roomy main compartment with 2 vertical zippered inner pockets and lockable zippers;
  • Lockable, zippered compartment for a laptop (up to 15”).

The backpack is also available in 46L and 65L.

The Porter 65 also includes a large lower zippered compartment for additional storage (great for shoes).

Dimensions: 19.5” x 13” x 10” (49.5 x 33 x 25.4 cm).

Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg).

Also available in: 46 and 65 L.

Best Osprey Hiking Backpack

3. Osprey Aura / Atmos 65 Review

Osprey Aura AG 65 – Women’s backpacking backpack
Osprey Atmos AG 65 – Men’s backpacking backpack

The Osprey Atmos and the women’s specific Aura are award winning hiking backpacks.

What I like the most is their top quality support and ventilation systems.

And again, these two backpacks are almost identical. So when I say, that the backpack has a pocket or compartment, you can assume that I mean both of these backpacks.

There’s an adjustability in the belt and the shoulder straps, helping you to get the perfect fit.

Both of these features are super important if you are going on a serious hiking trip.

Or if you simply want to have a great hiking experience. That’s the main purpose of a quality hiking backpack. To help you carry your gear, while making your trip as easy as possible. And it is indeed the case with Aura and Atmos, making them some of the best best hiking backpacks out there.

Aura & Atmos boast a solid back support system.

And the ventilation system of these backpacks rocks, too. Your sweat will dry very quickly, and it will feel breezy behind the back panel’s mesh which is stretched all the way down, extending to the hip belt.

The backpack has a genius double framing system.

The backpack’s inner frame goes around the back, but the other frame carries the bag. Both frames function kind of separately, meanwhile complementing each other. The system assures, that you can easily adjust the backpack in the most comfortable position for your back without touching the back frame.

The pack has an AntiGravity™ suspension system.

Making the backpack feel lighter than it is.

The Aura / Atmos has plenty of pockets for organization.

There’s a classic top access to the main compartment and a lover sleeping bag compartment with a divider. The bag has dual zippered pockets at the front. There’s an open, elastic pocket with a drain hole perfect for storing a wet rain jacket. There are also elastic water bottle pockets on the sides and zippered pockets on the hip belt for small items.

The Aura / Atmos has plenty of pockets for organization.

The backpack has an internal sleeve for up to a 3 litre water reservoir.

The removable top lid has two zippered pockets. When the top lid is removed, use the flapjack cover to secure the top.

The backpack is water resistant. It’s made of 100D x 630D Nylon Dobby material, which helps to keep the contents of the backpack dry in fairly wet weather conditions.

There’s plenty of attachment points on the outside: tool loops, bungees and straps.

There’s also a store-on-the-go trekking pole attachment.

Lots of features, huh? No wonder it’s often named the best Osprey backpack for backpacking.

Dimensions: 33.5″ x 15.7″ x 15″ (85 x 40 x 38 cm).

Weight: 4.56 lbs (2.1 kg).

Also available in: 50 L.

Read our full Osprey Aura AG 65 review.

Best Osprey Ultralight Backpack

4. Osprey Daylite 13 L Daypack Review

Looking for a small Osprey backpack? Check out the Osprey Daylite daypack.

It is a sporty looking backpack perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.

The backpack is lightweight and very comfortable to carry.

Don’t get fooled by its looks, though.

It can be used as a commute and everyday backpack, too.

It has a built-in sleeve for a laptop which can also be used for hydration reservoir.

Made of 210D Nylon Double Diamond Ripstop, the Daylite daypack is durable yet very lightweight — it weights only 1 lbs (450 grams). It features padded Spacermesh shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum strap and a removable hip belt. Mesh-covered back panel with slotted foam provides both comfort and ventilation.

The Osprey Daylite daypack has a few compartments and pockets:

  • Large panel-loading main compartment;
  • Side mesh pockets;
  • Front pocket with mesh organizer and key clip;
  • Multi-function interior sleeve for hydration or tablet.

What else?

Daylite can be attached to a variety of compatible Osprey backpacks: Aether/Ariel Series + Volt/Viva Series + Ace 75 + Shuttle Series + Sojourn Series + Farpoint 80 + Porter Series.

Dimensions: 18.1” x 9.4” x 8.7” (46 x 24 x 22 cm)

Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg).

Also available in: 20 L (Osprey Daylite Plus).

Best Osprey Laptop Backpack

5. Osprey Arcane Large 20 L Laptop Backpack Review

Did you know that Osprey also offers laptop bags? Yep, it does.

And Osprey Arcane laptop backpacks are among the best.

The Arcane backpacks are fully recycled and sustainable daypack with a laptop sleeve. They come in two sizes: small (10 L) and large (20 L). The small Arcane laptop backpack can accommodate small laptops of up to 13”, but the large one — laptops of up to 15”.

I would choose the larger model, as it can hold my laptop and other electronics, as well as all my essentials with a room to spare. The small Arcane is simply too small for me.

Despite its name, the large Arcane backpack isn’t large and super spacious.

But it’s enough for a daily commute.

The backpack has multiple pockets for organization:

  • Main compartment with a J-zip;
  • Padded laptop and tablet sleeve (fits most 15″ laptops) in the main compartment;
  • Internal organization in the main compartment with zip pocket, slip pocket, and a key clip;
  • Large zippered front panel scratch-free pocket;
  • Low-profile stretch water bottle side pocket;
  • Stretch pocket on shoulder strap.

The Arcane backpack features AirScape™ back panel with foam ridges for comfort and fit.

There’s a quick-release aluminum security hook on shoulder straps.

Dimensions: 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 8.7″ (45 x 30 x 22 cm).

Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg).

Also available in: 10 L.

Best Osprey Baby Backpack

6. Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier Review

The Osprey Poco Plus is a high-performance child carrier.

Great both for daily adventures and more serious hikes.

Its well padded shoulder straps, hip belt, frame and suspension system ensures that a parent has a comfortable fit, and a child has a safe and comfortable ride. Thanks to the sturdy and stable frame the child carrier can stand on it own safely.

Poco Plus is capable of carrying up to 48.5 pounds.

Note that it includes also the weight of the pack and the contents of it. And of course, the weight of your child.

What makes it a sturdy, comfortable and safe child carrier?

  • Adjustable child safety harness, seat and foot stirrups;
  • Height-adjustable seat;
  • Adjustable trampoline suspended mesh back system;
  • Sturdy aluminum frame;
  • Injection moulded hinges which allow you to collapse the baby carrier when it is not in use;
  • Adjustable hip belt to fit a wide range of adults and an extendable hip belt padding;
  • Integrated kickstand which keeps pack upright and accessible;
  • Dual grab handles.

The Poco Plus child carrier is packed with useful features such as:

  • Removable and washable drool pad;
  • Roomy pocket at the front;
  • Zippered pockets on the hip belt;
  • Mesh pocket on one of the shoulder straps;
  • Lower zippered compartment;
  • External hydration sleeve (fits up to a 1.5L reservoir which is sold separately);
  • Stretch side mesh pockets;
  • Zippered quick-access pocket;
  • Integrated and detachable raincover;
  • Toy loop attachment points.

Dimensions: 28.7” x 19” x 15” (73 x 48 x 38 cm).

Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg).

Best Osprey Kids’ Backpack

7. Osprey Jet 18 Hiking Backpack Review

Osprey Jet 18 is a backpack designed for kids as young as 8.

Its features and design make the Jet a great backpack for day hikes and travel.

The Jet 18 backpack includes a top-load access to the main compartment, dual side mesh pockets, a large front stretch compression pocket, zippered pocket on the top lid and an external reservoir sleeve. Enough pockets and compartments to keep your child’s belongings organized.

The backpack features daisy chain attachment points.

There’s an Airscape back panel, a harness with a sternum strap and an emergency whistle, and a mesh hip belt wings for comfortable fit.

The backpack is made of 400D Recycled Nylon Packcloth fabric.

Dimensions: 18″ x 9.4″ x 8.7″ (46 x 24 x 22 cm).

Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg).

Also available in: 12 L.

Best Osprey Backpack with Wheels

8. Osprey Sojourn Wheeled 45 L Backpack Review

A versatile and very functional travel backpack.

One of the best travel backpack with wheels available on the market right now.

The backpack is made of durable materials and has a couple of really cool features that a frequent traveler will appreciate. It’s got a sturdy aluminium frame, smooth-rolling wheels and plenty of packing space.

What I love the most about this backpack is its stowaway hip belt.

Also, backpack’s suspension system is easily adjustable for your torso length.

Another thing to love about this bag is the fact that it is carry on friendly.

The mesh back panel of the Sojourn provides comfort and ventilation. And the backpack’s shoulder straps are removable to free up extra packing space. The padded side walls will protect your gear. The backpack features lightweight yet durable base with a foot grab handle and reinforced top and side grab handles and 4 D-rings on the front panel which are designed for attaching Osprey Daylite pack.

Oversized high traction wheels are smooth-rolling and durable.

The backpack has several compartments and pockets. The spacious main compartment is front loading — it opens up just like a suitcase and features dual compression straps. Also it features a few zippered mesh and fabric pockets. The zippers of the main compartment are lockable.

Easy access pocket at the top of the pack provides quick access for your essentials and liquids.

The rear panel pocket is perfect for storing magazines.

Dimensions: 22” x 14” x 9″ (56 x 35.6 x 23 cm).

Weight: 7.93 lbs (3.6 kg).

Also available in: 60 and 80 L.

What Osprey backpack do you use? What backpack do you use for traveling? What’s your experience? Is that backpack on this list?

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